Saturday, March 20, 2010

Casa del Arbol III

This tree house use sculpted mega prims for the trunk and branches with realistic and warm textures.
This tree house has many rounded rooms, the unique Ethereal Sensation’s style. Please take a look at all the pictures to aprecciate it.

It also has a rounded bridge to get from the ground level to many stairs and platforms above.
I invite you to enjoy it inworl to feel the warm atmosphere and that kind of magical fantasy touch when you walk inside.

Homes can be a source of inspiration and can be something to revel in.
Homes can bring the outside world in and allow us to partake in the wonderment of the natural world around us.
All it takes is the right design.

Follow these steps to quickly setup your new building:
1- Place the rez box on the center of your land and raise it above you head
2- Choose "Rez" on the menu.
3- Wait a few seconds until the building rezzes completely.
4- Position and rotate it as pretended, slowly. (Do not open doors before saving)
5- Now Click on "Save"

Now your house ready to use.

If you make a mistake just delete your old building, drop the rez-box and rez it again.

Tech Specs of Casa del Árbol III
325 prims
40 x 40 mts aprox.
4096 aqm lot recomended
Modify textures. You can replace the textures for the ones you like.
Easy to install (RezFaux boxed)
Scripted Blinds and Shutters.

Modfy / Copy / No Transfer

Notecard with instructions included.

Purchase on Xstreet here.


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